What Is Video Content Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

The digital world is a thriving pool of opportunity for marketing your business, but your growth has been lackluster at best. How do you push it into high gear and start raking in the revenue?

It's all about using a combination of different tools and marketing strategies to capture your audience. If you don't have a video content marketing strategy in your toolbox yet, it could be a gamechanger.

Let's dive into this key technique and how to use it to build your business.

What Is Video Content Marketing?

Let's start by defining content marketing. Content marketing is an approach that produces content focused on informing your audience, not necessarily "selling" to them. For example, a massage spa using content marketing might produce content like "top reasons you have muscle tightness" as opposed to "why you should choose our massage spa."

There are multiple reasons content marketing is so effective. For one, it's an exceptional way to get more traffic and more eyes on your content. People go online looking for genuine information and advice, not ads.

The more eyes you get on your content, the more exposure your brand gets. When the same consumer sees your content multiple times, it also makes you a more familiar name to them so they're more likely to call you when they need your services.

On top of this, content marketing builds trust between you and the consumer. The consumer sees your expertise in your industry and appreciates that you're investing your time and money to educate them. When they need your services, they'll call the professional they already know and trust.

Video content marketing, then, is content marketing in video form as opposed to blogs, infographics, and other forms of content. These videos could be on your own site, YouTube, social media, or other platforms.

Why You Need Video Content Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

We've already gone through the reasons content marketing is a valuable asset to your marketing strategy. When that content marketing comes in video form, it's even more effective for several reasons.

Capture and Hold Users' Attention

It doesn't matter how well-written a blog is or how beautiful an infographic is. Video content tends to be more engaging. In fact, videos on social media get an average of twelve times more shares than posts with text and images combined.

The more attention you attract from consumers, the more familiar they'll get with your brand. They're more likely to remember you when they need the service or product you provide.

Appeal to Different Users

Each person has their own tastes, and a large number of people prefer watching videos to getting information from other media. If all your content is in the form of text or images, you're missing out on those people.

Of course, the opposite is true too. Some people prefer to get their information from images or text. That's why the key to a great content marketing strategy is to produce content in multiple formats and types of media.

Take Advantage of High-Traffic Platforms

When it comes to web traffic, YouTube is a rockstar. Every month, two billion registered users visit the platform, many of them visiting numerous times. That doesn't even include the many users who use the site without registering or logging in.

Of course, YouTube is a video-only platform. Incorporating videos into your content marketing strategy opens the door to this powerful platform and its multi-billion-user audience.

Incorporate More Variety

The better consumers feel like they know you, the more likely they are to trust you and give you their business. To establish that familiarity, you want to become a household name to them.

One way to do that is by producing a variety of content in different forms. If they're seeing you in videos as well as in web articles, digital ads, and other types of marketing collateral, they have a more well-rounded view of you.

Users are also likely to see you more often if you have videos along with other content. Whether they're scrolling through YouTube, social media newsfeeds, or Google results, there are more chances for your brand to appear.

Connect with Consumers

The cornerstone of content marketing is to build trust and familiarity. That's how you cut through the mental clutter consumers see when there are ads everywhere they look.

Videos accomplish that goal better because they're more personal. Users are seeing your face and hearing your voice, all while taking in your content. By comparison, written text is impersonal and distant.

Because of this, videos tend to form more of an attachment between you and the consumer. They develop trust sooner because they feel like they know you, and that's a recipe for a sale.

Get More Site Traffic

Videos are fantastic for search engine optimization for multiple reasons. For one, we've all seen video thumbnails appear first in certain Google search results, especially when you're searching a "how-to" topic. Each content marketing video you publish is an opportunity to be among those prioritized thumbnails.

When you have videos on your site, it also improves data points that Google uses to determine if your page is trustworthy and valuable. Most notably, videos keep people on your page and engaged while they're watching the video. That increases the average time users spend on the page, which helps your SEO.

Videos are also backlink magnets. A backlink is a link to your site from another site, and it tells Google that your site is valuable and informative.

While it's easy for other users to reference your text or pull a quote from your text, video isn't so easy to replicate. They're more likely to add a backlink to your page so their users can watch the full video. The more often that happens, the more it boosts your SEO.

Jumpstarting Your Video Content Marketing Strategy

If your mouth is watering at all the fantastic advantages video content marketing can bring your way, there's no time like the present. To start the process, contact our digital marketing specialists today.

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