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Unleashing Potential: Outlaw Leather's Digital Transformation

Meet our friends at Outlaw Leather, a fantastic brand known for its quality leather products specifically designed for the hardworking welders out there. They've built a strong community of customers who love their products and appreciate their commitment to quality. However, their online platform wasn't quite reflecting the same level of excellence.

Their website was a bit like a wild stallion - full of potential but a tad hard to navigate. Customers were having a tough time finding the products they were looking for. It was as if they were on a treasure hunt without a map. And as a result, revenue was slipping away.

The Compelling event

Outlaw Leather knew they had to make some changes. They wanted to offer their customers a smooth online shopping experience that matched the quality of their products. So, they turned to us for help. They were in search of a solution that would not only improve their website navigation and user experience but also boost their sales and overall brand image.

The process

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The process started with an in-depth discovery session where we learned about Outlaw Leather's needs, their vision, and their customers. Then, using this insight, we moved into wireframing, creating visual prototypes, and then mockups of the new website.

But we didn't stop there. Once the website was live, we put it to the test, segmenting their user base for email marketing and drafting campaigns aimed at increasing conversions. We also took things up a notch by enhancing their product photography and lifestyle photography, and even launching a YouTube Channel for them.

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The outcome

The transformation was remarkable. Outlaw Leather now boasts a new website with improved navigation and user experience that makes shopping a breeze. Their updated product photography brings their products to life, and the lifestyle photography adds a personal touch that resonates with their customer base.

Our email marketing strategies and campaigns were successful in reconverting existing customers and attracting new ones. Moreover, their new YouTube Channel has significantly improved the company's brand recognition and impressions.

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the impact

The impact of our work was like a rodeo bull - powerful and hard to ignore. Outlaw Leather experienced a whopping $9.5 million in generated revenue, a 70% increase in new orders, and a 15% increase in average order value. These numbers are a testament to the power of great web design, effective marketing strategies, and a team that's committed to helping their client succeed.

Working with Outlaw Leather was an exciting journey, and we're thrilled to have been a part of their transformation. We're just as excited to see what the future holds for them!

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