The Mission

Every year, millions of dollars are lost through negligent hiring lawsuits or white-collar financial scams that could've been easily avoided by a quality background check. That's what Paul Marcus from Marcus Investigations offers to his clients with over 20 years of experience in the PI industry. Our mission was to help them communicate how Marcus Investigations can provide companies with peace of mind & potentially avoid future headaches.

The Outcome

We started with recreating the Marcus Investigations brand identity for a digital-ready format that resulted in a new logo & brand style guideline. We then built a user-friendly website that helps communicate the company's integrity and history in the industry to convert incoming leads.

The Impact

Since the website launched, website speeds have gone up more than 62%. Contributing to the overall conversion rate of Marcus Investigations, it now ranks the site among the top ten in search engine queries for background checks.

Original Marcus Investigations Website
Revamped Marcus Investigations Website

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