The Mission

Personal training is more than just exercising. Practical personal training requires a holistic approach to nutrition, exercise, rest, and support. That’s what Lennox Gordon emphasizes to his clients at Coretech Fitness Lab. Despite Lennox’s numerous years of experience as a personal trainer and NFL player, it was a challenge to bring qualified leads to his studio. Our mission was to help him communicate how he and his team of trainers can effectively help you reach your fitness goals.

The Outcome

We designed Coretech Fitness Lab’s digital identity from the ground up, capturing the company’s excitement and value with our digital marketing strategy and brand positioning. We then built a highly-effective website that helps educate leads and convert customers.

The Impact

Following the launch of the newly revamped website, conversion rates have more than doubled, bounce rates decreased, and lead generation improved with more qualified buyers than ever. With our digital marketing foundation set in place, Lennox was then able to take his business to the next level by opening a second location in Richmond, Texas.

Original Coretech website
Revamped Coretech Website

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